Front Yard Goes To Seed

Lucky us. No overzealous Homeowner's Association.The oats, wheat and rye are pretty all winter, and then the seed heads make bird food all spring and summer. The seed heads are just beginning to form.


3 thoughts on “Front Yard Goes To Seed

  1. All I can say is, the images and words you present make me question the tidy world that is mine, vigilently overseen by a homeowners association, an architecural review committee, etc.


  2. Barry — I know that homeowners associations have their place in many residential settings to help preserve values for everyone, but in my limited experience (and from stories I’ve heard) they seem so often to devolve into power struggles among the few folks who are both willing and insistent upon leading the organization.
    Friends who visit us here at first seem startled, but most quickly regain their sense of childlike wonder and then it’s hard to get them to leave. . .
    If you would like to “go walkabout” with me, I did a few short “talky” videos a while back. Just click on Vimeos in the Categories sidebar. They were done with a little Flip Mino.


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