Make a Wish

  Dandelion seed pod

The open green field is littered with wish-making whirligigs. I think of the long afternoons of childhood, exploring pasture and bog with my brothers in central Florida. We didn't carry cell phones, then, only eyes, minds and hearts set on a channel to receive.

Steve, our younger brother. went back into the hospital last night: high fever, infection. A rare complication – a fistula – developed early on from the February 23 cystectomy and neobladder construction. The resultant pain, anorexia and dysfunction have blocked his recovery thus far. 

I blow, make a wish, and all the seed pod angels scatter.

5 thoughts on “Make a Wish

  1. While sitting on my porch cooling down from walking my 2 rascals, I’m concentrating on “remember Elizabeth’s brother”. Then I see Woody Woodpecker scamper up the closest live oak and imagine you and he as children spying this bird. “Look, look Elizabeth, there’s Woody”


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