Mustard Greens at the Gate

My cell phone rang while I was standing in line at the post office on Wednesday. I figured it was Buck, so I pushed the little button on my Plantronics Bluetooth ear gizmo.

"Hello?" (almost said "Hello, Sweetie. . .")

"Ms. Westmark? This is Regan. I didn't see the cooler, but I went ahead and left the greens and the eggs at the gate."

"Oh gosh, I completely forgot that today is Wednesday! I'm so sorry. What about your money?"

"No problem. We'll just catch up with next week's order."

"That'll work. Thanks so much for letting me know. I'm running a few errands and will be back home soon."

"Okay. I just wanted you to know they were there, so they wouldn't get too hot."

"That's great. I'll pick them up at the gate. Thanks, Regan."

Just like last week's turnip greens: field fresh and delicious. That picture shows only a fraction of the bodacious bundles of greens. I made a crustless zuchini quiche using some of the eggs Regan brought. We ate it all before I thought to make a picture!


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