Waking Up

Ever have one of those days when it seems like Someone  is trying to tell you something? 

First there were the Hostas. I decided to take big clippers to the small hardwoods and weeds that have taken over a two foot perimeter around a magnificent oak tree fairly near the back kitchen door. I keep a compost bin beyond the tree, so I walk by it almost every day.  The tree was badly damaged during Hurricane Ivan, and you know what? I have been seeing only its brokenness, through a warped lens of that time, and suddenly, this morning, it was like I just WOKE UP.

The tree is thriving, huge, a gift of shade in a hot land. When I began to clip and tug away the invading horde, I discovered lush, jade hosta plants in a ring around the tree. I had planted them in another age, when only the one-bedroom cabin in the woods was here. I've been in and out all day, just looking at the tree, looking at the hostas. They have both been here all the time. It is I who have been away.

Next, I decided on the spur of the moment to make a pot of clean-out-the-refrigerator soup. All of these left-to-languish, almost forgotten bits and pieces melded together into the best minestrone-style soup I have ever tasted. Cuttings went to the compost bin, the soup into me. See that yummy slice of aged Parmesan melting into the hot soup?


Finally, I continued a project begun yesterday, to work in my little file-room, (it's a closet I share with a friendly hot water heater), and in an unlikely spot, misfiled (not so unlikely), I found yet another nice surprise: a print-out of blog posts from my very first food-themed blog, most of which had never made it into any archive and which I thought were gone with the wind. The blog was called "Mary Beth's Kitchen." And so, today, I'm also having fun posting them over at The Longleaf Bar & Grill blog.

I can't begin to say what today's gifts mean. But, it's not even 1:00 o'clock yet. Who knows what else may come my way? All I know is, it feels like a homily straight to my heart. My sense of wonder and optimism have been blunted lately. Feels like an awakening.  Feels good.

3 thoughts on “Waking Up

  1. Thanks for another great post…appreciation of the little things in life we so often overlook. I am literally just waking up and this has given me the motivation I need to get moving today…^-^ ありがとう (arigato…thank you)


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