Best wishes to all you Moms out there for a wonderful day. I’ve been mothered by a lot of great people over the years and believe that “mama-ness” comes in all shapes, sizes and genders. It’s that generosity of spirit and nurturing quality that makes us feel all wrapped up in love.

2 thoughts on “Mama-ness

  1. I am certainly wrapped up in mothering.
    And I can’t imagine how different my life would look if it weren’t for those who nurtured me. Intended or not. By birthright or not.
    Including some of my blog friends. A certain Beth Westmark comes to mind.


  2. Oh, my, you’ve gone and done it now, Deb. I once Southern fried a laptop motherboard with just a few drops of iced tea. . . . think a few tears will hurt a desktop keyboard?


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