My younger brother, Steve, was released from the hospital Thursday; surgery to excise the fistula scheduled for June 8; but our older brother, Wally, called a little bit ago to tell me Steve was re-admitted, quite ill, last night. Doctors believe (from symptoms plus CAT scan confirmation) that now he has a bowel obstruction. I spoke with Steve. He is weak, in pain, and low. All we who love him are sorrowful and helpless.

16 thoughts on “Fistula

  1. Thanks, Susan & Leslie. I am trying to visualize Steve well and walking on St. Augustine Beach, visiting with his beekeeper friends, seeing lots more sunrises on Apalachicola Bay, and dandling future grandchildren on his bony knees. Love out to you both.


  2. I do, Deb, and the comfort it brings me lightens the burden. That is the gift of our shared community of virtual friends. We really are so much more than the sum of our keystrokes.


  3. Will he have surgery? Please keep me posted. I’m sorry he’s having such a hard time. Y’all are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Kathy Rhodes


  4. My thoughts are with you, Beth, in this sad time. I’ve already been worried about your beaches and wetlands, the fish, the birds, and the manatees. Now I’ll worry about Steve, also.


  5. I’m so sorry to hear this, Beth. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers as you support your brother. Thank you for keeping us posted — I do believe that all this love and support around you, however “abstract” can sustain you —
    Blessings to you —


  6. Not at all, Gully. Steve is a biologist, and was an environmentalist long before most other folks really “got” what that meant. He will be honored to be included in that circle of concern.


  7. Doesn’t feel abstract at all, Elizabeth. Webster’s Third Intl. Dictionary defines “virtual” as “of, relating to, or possessing a power of acting without the agency of matter.” Our virtual community of uncommonly fine, unusually bright, remarkably sensitive folk is a powerful safety net for my spirit (as I know it is for you, too).


  8. So sorry to hear it, Beth. I’ve been through a bowel obstruction, but for Steve it’s one of many things, so I can only imagine a little his pain. I hope the hospital people can give him relief. You take care.


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