Bluebird at the Window

The rhythmic rapping I hear at dawn, while still lying in bed knowing the chance of any more sleep is gone for awhile; the flutter of wing and sound of feathered body connecting with double paned glass while standing under a near-scalding shower; and the almost shy, delicate alighting on the window in my study several times a day. Is it one bird or three?

The Longleaf Bar and Grill hasn't seen this much activity for awhile. Sure, most of it is retrospective, but heck, isn't that what memoir is all about?

Note:  My brother, Steve, is still at M. D. Anderson in Orlando. Surgery to resolve the fistula has been rescheduled for June 14. Meanwhile, the medical teams are working to solve a couple of other issues and help him be as strong as possible for the surgery. I spoke to a  Physician's Assistant today, a fellow named Ken Baker whose efforts Steve really appreciates. Steve doesn't have much to smile about right now, but every time he mentions Ken, I hear a smile in his voice. As Ken updated me on Steve's condition and what he faces upcoming, I felt greatly comforted not only by his knowledge, but by his obvious care and concern for Steve. He has a vision of Steve being well after this tremendous struggle.  So do I.

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