Veggies at the Gate

It's a lot more fun to find a cooler full of fresh greens and tender crookneck squash than what I found at the gate on January 6, 2004. Click Strange Goings On to read about what I found at the gate that Pensacola morning.

Buck and I have been buying veggies from Regan Streit at Cantonment's Jaseegan Farms. Regan emails his regular customers once a week to let us know what is available and what the prices are. We email him back with our order. The first week was turnip greens (with beautiful, tender, sweet roots attached) and a dozen yard eggs. The second week was mustard greens, eggs and blackberries. This week, as you can see, was a bundle of collards and several pounds of squash.

Click over to The Longleaf Bar & Grill to see what we did with the veggies.

4 thoughts on “Veggies at the Gate

  1. I guess I’m no longer a “regular customer” even though I paid for ten deliveries last fall and got seven. He doesn’t reply to my emails. It was a very disappointing experience for me! 😦 Hope you do better! I’ll stick with growing my own and buying produce at a store. Fortunately, Bailey’s and Florabama have reopened!


  2. Well, now the veggie man is on the spot to keep up with his obligation! We were thinking about signing up with a co-op in Tallahassee once I get moved over there full-time, but I’m not sure that it would be worth it for the two of us. We will probably just go to the local weekly Farmers’ Market downtown. And of course, I’ll have my apartment patio garden. My husband moved into the place less than a month ago, and we’ve already got things growing there. It’s good for him to have something to take care of when I’m not there:)


  3. That would upset me, too, Garden Girl. I had never tried this before, but in this case, there was a $15 upfront charge, but then it is strictly pay as you go, (and pay for only what you order each week), so this way there’s no downside. Don’t know if it will last all season, but I hope so.
    Like you, I’m really glad Bailey’s and Florabama have reopened. I’m also grateful to our good friend, Harold, who has a beautiful garden and stopped by just this morning with gifts of freshly dug potatoes, snap beans and squash.
    Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Maybe he’s got his act together and is trying to make a better impression on the new customers. It was a “live and learn” deal for me and now I’m less trusting about paying in advance for a service!
    I have two raised bed gardens this year and I’m going to try to figure out how to keep the vine borers off my squash this summer!


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