When Deanna Hershiser Invites You To Write A Guest Post. . .

Say yes! As my country friend Harold, might say, "That Miss Deanna, she will make you feel like somebody."

Deanna Hershiser is a fine creative nonfiction writer and dear person who lives in Oregon. Her work has appeared in Relief: A Quarterly Christian Expression, flashquake, and Camroc Press Review, among others. She has a piece upcoming in the June issue of Prick of the Spindle.

Deanna occasionally welcomes guest bloggers to post, and I am so pleased to ask you to click on over to Deanna's blog, and read my post about how I discovered the blogosphere way back in the year of our Lord two thousand and three, September of the year I believe it was. . . a very long time ago in Internet years.

Deanna has innovated by adding a new page to her web site, called Sharing Blog Love, which Deanna describes thus:

"Four years now I’ve been blogging, and I’ve read a lot of stuff by bloggy friends. Some posts have contained such wonderfulness they caused me to question ever coming back to try another of my own. 

I would like to share a few of these glimmering posts."

Deanna can make me her guinea pig any day of the week. Click on the title, An Ace They Could Keep, to read a post of mine that Deanna used to kick off her Sharing Blog Love page. Appropriately, it was my second blog post, and was written in September, 2003.

Thanks, Deanna!

2 thoughts on “When Deanna Hershiser Invites You To Write A Guest Post. . .

  1. Hey, cool. Thanks for sharing at my site. I love how you described old blog posts as compost for writing, and I’m wowed by your phrase, “Our challenge is to edit Life’s choices, but not too carefully, and to remain fully awake in each moment to precious possibility.”
    Happy continued cyber-adventuring!


  2. Wow, you certainly hit the ground running! Very insightful and well-wrought. I had to look – my first post was on Ground Hog’s Day, 2003.


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