“The Signature Woman” Visits “Girls With Insurance”

Girls With Insurance  has published my story, The Signature Woman. It's up, this morning, here. Some of you may recall an earlier version of this story from the "way back" files. It was published at The Elder Storytelling Place in 2008. The biggest revision is to the ending. In case you would like to compare the versions,  the original is here.

I like it that The Elder Storytelling Place is oriented toward folks over 50, while GCI has a twenty-thirty something vibe. What happens in this story is something I had not even begun to contemplate when I was in my twenties.

Girls With Insurance. I love the name. Something about it makes me think of the phrase, "friends with benefits." 🙂


7 thoughts on ““The Signature Woman” Visits “Girls With Insurance”

  1. Having watched the owner of my apartment building waste away…such a vital and active man…this story resonates with me somewhere I really don’t want to look. Maybe more so as I think about my dad who passed on before his dementia really took hold of him. And your new ending sure fits how I feel now…proof I’m getting older, perhaps?


  2. “I noticed with amusement when some new enamel or bejeweled reptile found a home on yet another boucle jacket, gradually forming a zigzag line behind Gracie’s pew.”
    That beautifully captures how the Signature Girl’s fashion sense gains a following. This is a solid story. It evokes life among a sizable group usually neglected by creative writers. You bring to life the funny/scary reality of dementia,a paradox to which–thanks to medical science–more and more of us are bearing witness each day.


  3. Leslie, Elizabeth, Deb & Barry — thanks for your comments. This story is very close to my heart. I changed the names, but it really happened essentially just as written.
    And Barry — I really believe the richest material for creative writers today is to be found in this “brave new frontier” of folks who are living to extended ages in the internet age. I find that while the young are so often convinced of what they know, this lends their writing (which may be brilliant) a certain lack of full dimension. The long-lived have become aware of the pitfalls of certitude, and are full of joy and pain, and the fullness and loss that can come only through all the twists and turns of living. Rich turf for those who would dig in it. (I better go make coffee now. . .clearly you punched my buttons.)


  4. I realize what I just wrote sounds “youthist” (if that’s a word). I don’t mean it that way. I should never write anything public before brushing my teeth in the morning, before my brain is fully awake.


  5. “Youthist” is a new one on me. Personally, my perspective as a SS card-carrying member of the “brave new frontier” is to dismiss pretty quickly whatever pushes one of my own buttons–the one labelled Sh-t detector. And that button gets pushed quite often by pop/youth/social networking “culture.”
    So I guess you could say we have a lot of button-pushing going on here. If you ever got around to reading Just Bill, you know the new new frontier figures prominently.


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