Inspiring Natalie Goldberg Video

A gift for this Saturday morning: Natalie Goldberg on video, speaking about how she writes, how she hopes we can "fall in love" with our lives and that we don't need to be anyone but who we are. Most of us have been reading her books forever. How nice to see this video, especially today.

There is a chapter in Goldberg's book, Old Friend from Far Away, called "Reading Aloud."  I went to it last night to reinforce my decision to attend this afternoon's Prick of the Spindle/Dogzplot literary reading at Dolce Vita in downtown Pensacola and read. Now that I have seen the video, I can read these words with Natalie's voice in my head and not just my own. Makes it much more convincing!

"But why can't I line up the toaster, the blender, the microwave in the kitchen and read to them? you ask.

"Reading to another human being is more naked than reciting to the wall. You are more exposed, can't hide anymore. Get used to it. It makes your memoir alive. It closes the gap between what you believed you wrote and what you really wrote. It allows you to hear yourself, mirrored back from the silent mind of the listener."

When I asked Cynthia Reeser (Editor-in-Chief, Prick of the Spindle) for advice on how long to read, she wrote back that I should plan for 3-5 minutes each on 3-4 pieces.  Uh. I was thinking one. But lest you begin to think I am protesting too much, I should confess that I'm a little nervous, yes, but it's more like a going-to-the-fair kind of excitement.

I'll take lots of pictures and report back from the front!

7 thoughts on “Inspiring Natalie Goldberg Video

  1. Thanks for posting this, Beth, and I can’t wait to really sit and listen. In the meantime, I wish you luck in your reading. I attended many memoir workshops and got to know a really great group of women. We called ourselves the “reading whores,” because reading our work aloud became addictive.


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