Mino Films Prick of the Spindle Reading All By Its Little Self

Okay. It's sort of Flip Mino cinema verite. And it's taken me a couple of days to figure out how to get it from the tiny camcorder, with the switchblade-like pop out USB plug.

So I figured I would experiment on myself and J. Bradley first. There were seven readers altogether. I was #4 and Jesse was #5. Jesse (J. Bradley) has a terrific new book of poems out, Dodging Traffic, published by Ampersand Books.

More on everybody's creds later, let's do this thing. Browsers vary widely in their ability to be flexible with less than optimal conditions, so let me know if you have both picture and sound, reasonably in sync. That would be kind of a miracle.

If this one works, I'll process the others that have Benjamin,Dawn, Amy, Cynthia and Calypso on them, that is, if I can remember what I did right on this one. If it works.

Here goes: (My part is 1st, and it goes for around 13 minutes, so if you want to skip right on over to Jesse, consider this a heads-up.)



VID00163 from Elizabeth Westmark on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “Mino Films Prick of the Spindle Reading All By Its Little Self

  1. Ah, wonderful. I’ve read your Brevity piece and always liked it, even before I “met” you. The next one, with the piano, has superb descriptions of you and the instrument, tussling (sort of) over Mozart. And what a smile it brings to hear your friend’s question and her “short cut” to musical skill. You say it so well. Then, Eva Jane. Wow. You must be good with fiction, because the story haunts. Very fun to hear you read all three. :o)


  2. I so enjoyed listening to your tape, Beth — and it recorded well, except for one or two spots that might have had more to do with the slowness of my computer in general. I loved the sound of your voice and the soft cadence of your words — I think you might be a “natural!”


  3. This format did not work well with my old laptop, so I was a little afraid to run this….wow, so smooth! No problem whatsoever!! (Firefox on an iMac OS X Version 10.6.4)
    So wonderful to hear the words you use so well in your own voice. As always, I am in awe…^-^


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