Poet Benjamin S. Lowenkron and Storyteller/Poet Dawn Corrigan Read for Prick of the Spindle in Pensacola


Prick of the Spindle Reading 6-19-10 (Lowenkron & Corrigan) from Elizabeth Westmark on Vimeo.


Pensacola-based literary journal, Prick of the Spindle, held a reading in Pensacola, Florida on Saturday, June 19, 2010.

This is an impromptu, Flip Mino, catch-as-catch-can video of the event.

There were 7 readers. This is a video of #1, Benjamin S. Lowenkron (who divides his time between New Orleans and Baton Rouge), and #2, Gulf Breeze, FL-based Dawn Corrigan. Benjamin read (and sang) from his poetry collection, Preacher's Blues, published by Ampersand Books, whose publisher, Jason Cook, had driven over for the reading from St. Petersburg.

Dawn Corrigan is writer, poet and editor of the journal Girls With Insurance (GWI).

Note:  Apologies to Dawn are called for here, as the poetry segment of her reading is cut off due to my lack of experience with the Flip Mino and concern that it only has memory to record an hour. But when you get to Dawn's opening poem, Nolo me Tangere, which appears after her stories, you will see and hear as the Mino stops recording at a very intriguing spot. You will definitely wonder where this poem was headed  and may have to ask Dawn yourself!

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