Southern Blond Widow

The first time I saw Rhonda, I knew she was trouble. If you could have picked out the one woman in the world least likely to be paired with an elderly retired three-star Air Force general, Rhonda would have been in your top five. She was a tall, zaftig blond, a well-traveled 46, with one flat, black eye and other other one nearly matching, obsidian glass.
There was something disconcerting about Rhonda’s face. It wasn’t just her glass eye. There was an unpleasant sallow cast to her skin, and her real eye looked just as glassy as the glass one   . . . >I’m having a little noir fiction fling off-line with this one; lots of fun.<

2 thoughts on “Southern Blond Widow

  1. Rhonda sounds like trouble alright! Her two glassy eyes, one functioning and the other not looking anywhere, have me extremely curious about her extraordinary history. Keep flinging words at this dark work of fiction, won't you? I'd be interested in reading more if you're at all inclined to share more.


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