Tail End of July

Maggie and I walked to the gate early this morning before it got too hot. Supposed to be 95 with high humidity by mid-day. Hard not to think about what summers were like at 4200 foot elevation near Asheville, North Carolina. 

Maggie turns 11 next week. She is sprouting moles and lipomas, and no longer jumps over logs or up into the truck. Smart old dog; waits for help. I don’t think my heart can stand another dog. Maggie is most likely the one that will live in our memories as our last and best 4-legged friend.

3 thoughts on “Tail End of July

  1. Maggie is a smart old dog. I'd wait for help iin 95 degree weather too.Cherish her while she's still with you. It sounds like she's been a wonderful companion.


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