Wired, Retired and Ready to Go

When you set up a blog on Typepad, there's a place to put a description. It becomes a kind of tone-setter for the blog. From Day One, my descriptive phrase has been the quote, (variations of which have been attributed to Albert Camus), "And in the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer."

I'll always love that quote, but have changed it today into a totally non-literary description of where Buck and I are in our lives. We thought we were all settled into the "old home place" here in the panhandle Florida pine woods.

But you know what? We miss living in the mountains of Western North Carolina. We just keep coming back to it again and again.

And so, we've come to one decision in a series of decisions to be made: we're getting the old house we bought a while back, the one we call  the "Sugar Shack," ready to put on the market. Buck and I grew up around lakes, rivers and the Gulf. We spent a lot of times as children hanging our feet over the edge of a dock. But like many fantasies, the reality of a place on the water in Florida is trumped by our recollections of mountain living.

Since we can't live in three places at once — frankly, two is a pretty big stretch — we're going to trade our dock-on-the-bay dream for a writers'-cottage-in-the-mountains dream, where Buck can finish his novel, start another, and I can doodle around with my essays, stories and the memoir of our time at Longleaf. If we are very lucky, the "Sugar Shack" will sell quickly. Even in this slow-moving real estate market, there is almost always a buyer for a quaint place on a pretty bay with a brand-new dock and amazing sunsets.

Soon as it sells, we'll be ready to find a piece of ground and a builder in the Waynesville/Asheville/Hendersonville area of North Carolina. I can already see the look in Buck's eye that tells me he is designing a small cottage with lots of decks.

It's an exciting time for honeymooners of any age.

We are wired, retired and ready to go.

11 thoughts on “Wired, Retired and Ready to Go

  1. I am glad to here you are Mountain Bound. My wife and I are still back and forth on our North Carolina Mountain Dream. We oscillate from it being too far from family to maybe not being far enough…It has now been almost three years since I set foot in those old familiar ridges and I miss them so.
    And besides Marie still owes me a root beer on the back porch at the Mast General Store.


  2. That’s so exciting, Beth. My wife and I went to Asheville for our 25th anniversary not long ago and again last winter. Lovely town, great food, great yoga!
    It seems from the impending road, though, you’d keep the Sugar Shack as a getaway and sell Longleaf?


  3. P.S.-If you move to Asheville, you must try my massage therapist! Sheila was my sister’s in Orlando and moved to just outside Asheville:
    Sheila O’Connor, Massage Therapist, Fletcher, NC, sheilaoc44@gmail.com
    We got massages at her condo but she’d travel, at least she did in Orlando, all over, and offered to come to our rental cabin. She is gifted, does hot stones and Tibetan bowls, and deep tissue . . .


  4. Sounds like Asheville is getting to you, too! It definitely has a special vibe and is artist/writer friendly, big time.
    We’re still thinking through time lines and process. When all your “stuff” is comfortably ensconced in one spot (Longleaf)and the other spot (Sugar Shack)is quaint, but more along the lines of “early fish camp,” (circa 1947), the easy choice is to sell the Sugar Shack, and ultimately Longleaf, too (the trade being mountain cottage plus other small but well-designed — by Buck, naturally — home in a spot that is reasonably warm in the winter; maybe Pensacola, maybe something a little more tropical.
    Bottom line is that once things are in play, everything is one the table.


  5. Wow – welcome back and congratulations at your wonderful decision! I can’t imagine anything better than a house by the water and cabin in the mountains. My dream combo!
    Seriously glad you are back and writing. So missed you!!


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