Microessay Blogging

Here I sat, minding my own business, doing a little blog housekeeping at my desk tonight, when "Plop!" something fell straight from the high sloping ceiling onto the steno pad braced between my left and right hands (which were poised over the keyboard).

Did I scream or run for Buck? Hell, no. I grabbed my nearby camera and took the son-of-a-gun's picture.

Yup. A rather impressive-looking wasp. He crawled around for awhile on a yellow sticky note with wildflower names on it, and then moved over to a printed page from one of my short-lived Twitter experiments back in April.

After relocating my visitor, I added those tweets to my lately-neglected microessay blog, False Dawn. There are ten tweets in one series and four in another. One is called Hotlanta 1978 and the other series is called Families. After that, the posts are older ones from False Dawn.

The ones in a series read oddly because they are entered tweet-wise, that is, stacked with the first one on the bottom.

Regular tweeting, that is, tweeting with either a purely commercial or purely social intent, is something I don't get, and believe me, I've tried. But using the micro form as a bouillion cube of words, now, thats intriguing. The best in the business at it that I know is poet, writer and editor, Dave Bonta. Dave's regular blog, of course, is Via Negativa, which is the mother ship for a whole fleet of literary sleight-of-mind works.

Dave's microblog is The Morning Porch, which he describes as "an exercise in paying close attention to language and to the world around me."  When you visit The Morning Porch, be sure to click on the "about" page for Dave's own description of what he is about there.


7 thoughts on “Microessay Blogging

  1. See, this is where writers tend to land on these networking sites, intrigued by the bouillon cubes (love that). Not that there’s anything wrong with socializing or trying to make money. Our brains just go different directions. I haven’t really tried twittering (tweeting’s the word, I guess?), but the literary challenge is what draws me when I think about it.


  2. Hotlanta 1978, I love it, really love it.
    Facebook is as far as I’ve gone beyond my blogging. Twittering doesn’t draw me in and I doubt it ever will.
    Keep up the microessay blogging; you’re a natural.


  3. Hey, thanks for the plug! As luck would have it, today’s Morning Porchism was all about a hornet. And that was a few hours after having noticed and read the new False Dawn posts in Google Reader.


  4. Thanks for pointing me toward The Morning Porch. I must have been living under a rock because I have never heard of microblogging. P.S. I don’t “get” Twitter either.


  5. I’m still the little bee perched up high, listening, watching, waiting .
    Two leave for University next week. The bittersweet.
    I braved the “guest post ” thing. I felt so out there, feel so yeah, I’m a blogging writer. 🙂


  6. I too love the bouillon cube reference. It’s perfect. I’ve tried twitter too but I get annoyed with the number of people who are only there to sell me something. I remember a time when socializing didn’t include that, or maybe I was just naive. Either way, it’s great you’re back.


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