Maggie at Eleven

Maggie turned 11 this week. She still has a lovely coat, but now it has a lot of silver in it, especially on her face, belly and the bottoms of her paws.

Buck and I took her to our veterinarian friend, Dr. Chere Ernest, yesterday for a look-see at some moles that have sprouted, a nail clipping, fresh batch of monthly heart-worm preventative chewable tabs, and a discussion of Maggie's encroaching arthritis. We told Chere that Maggie is doing what all smart old dogs do, and taking it a little slower these days when she gets into the car or truck — no more flinging herself upward and landing any which way. We also told Chere about a recent incident where Maggie bumped into Buck's leg  with her own right shoulder and cried out as though she were either surprised and scared or in great pain.

Chere examined Maggie carefully, felt of her abdomen, and told us she wanted two x-rays: one of Maggie's right leg and shoulder area and the other of her abdomen. The leg is fine, but the side view showed marked arthritic changes in her spine and an anomaly that will be examined further next week. Maggie's intestines seemed to be "all balled up" (Chere's words), as though something might be pushing on them. Might be nothing. Might be something.

A surgeon came in to take a look at the x-ray and to feel Maggie's abdomen. When he laid his hands on her, she belched, long and loud. We all laughed a little at that, and the surgeon said, "That actually helped quite a lot. Maybe that tightness is just gas."

We'll take Maggie back to stay with Chere for a few hours next Wednesday to make more pictures and do some blood work. Maggie is eating, drinking and everything else normally as always, so we are trying not to fret. I washed all of her various beds today, scrubbed her dishes, and started her on the doggie version of Glucosomine Chondroitin, plus a fish-oil capsule. She appears to be enjoying her privileged character status.

I ran across a post a little while ago called "Maggie Knows." It was first published here on June 4, 2004,  a few days before the movers came to move us out of our North Carolina home. I think you'll enjoy it. Click here. Oh, and be sure to click on the photos of Maggie there to get the full effect. . .


2 thoughts on “Maggie at Eleven

  1. Hello Elizabeth, so very nice to meet you ! I lived in Pensacola for two years. I remember the sugar white beaches that were so beautiful and I hope the oil spill didn’t damage them. I love your Maggie, such a sweet baby. She looks so very intelligent in the pictures to the link. And yes they are creatures of habit and don’t like change. But they do adapt. I lost my Bentley, my golden of eight years to lymphoma almost a year ago. It was so heartbreaking to go through. He was truly my best friend and went with me everywhere. That dog was never kenneled not once in all those eight years. He could go anywhere without a leash and listen to me and mind me so well. Anyway, I guess I shouldn’t get started on that. I still miss him and think of him everyday.
    Good luck to your Maggie. I’ve got my new golden on Life’s Abundance Dog Food. I guess all the breeders are using it. It can only be bought online and it gets shipped from Florida to me in two days. You might want to check it out. I guess just do a search on it if your interested. The Glucosomine will really help. My vet gave me some a couple of years ago for my baby and I could really see a big difference. The fish oil is very good for them..I use the Nordic Naturals Oil (lemon scented) I only buy the human grade. It can be purchased at most Health Food Stores. It’s great for us too ! I remember one in Gulf Breeze I believe.
    I will try to visit again very soon!


  2. Hi Sandy,
    Thanks so much for your sweet note. I apologize for not replying sooner, but I know you know how paralyzed we get when we’re fretting about our pet-friends.
    Your Bentley was so young. Rochester is gorgeous and has that great classic Golden “smile.” A friend of mine who is legally blind has a spectacular Golden as her guide dog. He goes to the bank, the YMCA, church, everywhere with her.
    Thanks for the recommendation of Life’s Abundance Dog Food. I’ll check it out, for sure. Great name! Also, thanks for the brand recommendation for the fish oil. Lemon scented would be a good thing. 😉
    Please stop by again, soon, and I will be visiting you at Carolina Moon.


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