Water Color

When we observe nature, our assumptions of what "should" be, or the ways we are convinced something "is," come under assault. Water, for example. I think of bay water as blue, except during storms, when it is gray.

Photography helps me see that on a late August afternoon, with the tide out and the sun at a certain angle, there are caligraphic shadows that look coppery brown, and ducks glide on water the color of earth-tinged spirit.


5 thoughts on “Water Color

  1. I’m back, following Switched at Birth again. It’s like returning home. In New Braunfels we have Landa Park, which has a huge pond that is the favorite of many species of ducks…I think because the park visitors like to feed them. I’ve spent many serene hours watching them. They seem so much at peace as they glide along. But I know their lives are difficult, even perilous. It’s not easy to be a duck. I guess it’s not so easy to be a human being, either.


  2. We have ducks wherever there is water it seems. I don’t remember this before.
    Perhaps I didn’t notice .
    They are silly enough to try and claim our pool, serene enough as they glide through murky waters of ponds that appear as housing developments provide this colourful hope.


  3. You’ve raised an interesting point. Water and the sky are often without pause perceived as blue in color; grass is oft thought of as green; dirt is labeled simply brown.
    I’m impressed by your observations in this concise yet thorough post. Thank you for presenting this for our consideration. The accompanying photos justify your words.
    (See what happens when I read well-written posts? I try to comment in a similar manner. Note the word “try!”


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