Mid-August: Time for the Big, Ugly Singing Cicadas

They're everywhere. In the trees, on the front porch, in Maggie's mouth. What?! Yep, sad to say, the otherwise gentle Maggie loves to eat cicadas.

Every night before we turn out the lights, Buck opens the sliding glass door in our bedroom and takes Maggie out for a last walk of the day. A couple of nights ago, they had completed their ritual and were just about to cross the threshold back into the house, when Maggie jumped on a cicada, who (quite naturally) made urgent , continuous tiny screaming sounds as it disappeared into Maggie's mouth. Judging from the popping and crunching sounds that came next, cicadas must be crispy critters.

I am noticing now that every morning when I let Maggie out, the first thing she does is run around on the concrete patio to examine any spot that looks like a bug. I think she is looking for more cicadas. That Maggie. Sometimes she is such a dog.

7 thoughts on “Mid-August: Time for the Big, Ugly Singing Cicadas

  1. None in Alaska that I know of. At least, not in MY part. Daddy Scratches had a phenomenal photo of one emerging a while back–month or so. I mean PHENOMENAL! Worth searching for.


  2. Is this one of those seven-or-whatever year cycles for cicadas? I’ve been hearing more than usual. Maybe Maggie was trying to squelch the noise. By the way, have you given any thought to canine massage? I’m not sure if there are any therapists nearby, but someone at one of the schools in the area might know. I’ve been telling my daughter she ought to consider some training in the specialty and offer it. I hope you find a way to give Maggie some relief from the pain.


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