When Wishing Makes It So

I swore a blood oath last winter that I wouldn't complain about the heat this summer. And I've pretty well kept my promise, although I have suggested long and loud how wonderful the weather must be at a higher altitude. Actually, now that summer is almost over, with perceptibly cooler mornings and evenings, thanks in part to abundant rain, I realize it was short and not bad, not bad at all.

Dear friends (family they are, too) came to supper last night. Buck and I had decided to turn a page on the season a few weeks early. Instead of grilled chicken and watermelon, we decided to cozy up the dining table with a rustic table cloth and olive green candles. It was fun to prepare the house and the meal for our guests.


Whe our friends arrived, they opened the door to a blast of garlic, basil, red wine and beef: the quientessential ingredients for Italian Pot Roast.  Oven roasted carrots, turmeric potatoes, green beans and Thai canteloupe salad completed our comfort food plates.

We all laughed together at the idea of bringing on a change of season merely by wishing for it, and acting as though your wish had been granted — a laughing suspension of disbelief.

But you know what? After dinner, we traipsed upstairs to the outdoor deck, drank coffee and herb tea, ate brownies, listened as a gentle curtain of rain drew around us, and almost shivered in the fresh breeze.


5 thoughts on “When Wishing Makes It So

  1. Oh, goodness, I love this post. The whole idea of wishing making it so. I’m glad that it did for you. I’m off to try it myself, although the weather couldn’t be more perfect here in Los Angeles!


  2. You want cool? Anchorage has set a record for being one of the coolest, gloomiest, cloudiest summers ever. And Moose Pass weather is worse. Anchorage also has had 30 consecutive days with measurable rainfall, and the forecast guarantees extending that record. Wanna trade houses for a spell?


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