Imperial Moth: Saved from Spiders for One Night of Passion in the Pines

"Look at that pretty moth before you get in the pool," Buck said. I walked over and saw that this wondrous-looking Imperial Moth (Eacles Imperialis) was on the concrete floor. Bending down for a closer look, I saw shiny strands of a spider web.

I don't know how the moth got into the screened pool enclosure, or how long it had been there. The industrious spiders were wasting no time in spinning a goassamer cage for their royal prisoner.

I thought the moth was dead. I picked it up, walked to the other end of the room and sat it down on the concrete there to examine it more closely. When I did, I felt a quiver from the moth, opened the door, and put it on the grass.

"Ants will get it if you leave it there," Buck called to me.

Not today. The moth flew. I went back into the house to fetch my camera and was ridiculously happy to find the moth still on the vertical board.

Their lives as adults are not long. I wish Eacles Imperialis a magnificent night of love.

10 thoughts on “Imperial Moth: Saved from Spiders for One Night of Passion in the Pines

  1. Sometimes I think it’s good that the lives of insects play out on a lilliputian stage, and out of my sight. There is a brutal reality on that stage and I don’t care to witness most of it. Beautiful moth–much prettier than the white and black ones that have taken up residence on my windows lately. Thanks for rescuing it from the big bad spider monsters.


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