Appetite for Life

IMG_3922It was unnatural when my zest for flavor, my enjoyment of cooking, disappeared. Maybe the fact that my younger brother has gained six pounds in the last two weeks and is eating again has something to do with the return of my own appetite.

The photograph of the seared scallops, whole wheat couscous, and scrumptious roasted red pepper, zucchini, garlic and onion is accented by rosemary and thyme which grow with voluptuous abandon whether I notice or not, and two yellow flowers from the woods that I gathered two mornings ago, along with several fern fronds from the stream bed.


6 thoughts on “Appetite for Life

  1. I’m not familiar with your brother’s circumstances but I’m glad to hear he’s got his appetite back. Eating adequately is important under all circumstances.
    You’re quite the gourmet cook.


  2. It all looks wonderful, and I’m happy for you that your appetite has returned along with your brother’s. Do you get your seafood from Joe Patti’s? I saw him on the news the other day when there was a story about the quality of the local catch and wondered how his business has fared since the spill.


  3. Yea!!! Six pounds and eating again! That’s the best news I’ve heard in a long summer. So glad for him and for you.
    Beautiful dinner, Beth. Inspiring. I think I’ll make some curried couscous to go with our salmon tonight.


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