Sometimes a day of mostly physical work outdoors can be immensely satisfying. Today was one of those.

The dew had dried enough to start mowing by 8 this morning. Buck hefted the heavy container of gas and filled the little riding mower for me, and then he grabbed a peanut butter sandwich and headed over to the Sugar Shack to supervise some fellows who were dumping several tons of white, crushed phosphate rock from the driveway all the way to the back door there. The gravel adds eye appeal, and has the practical benefit of providing a parking pad and clean path to get into the house without trudging through dirt or sand.

I mowed for an hour, and was able to get all of the front, the sides, and part of the back. The front yard is mostly planted oats, wheat and rye, but there are portions and swaths of centipeed. In another month, it will be time for Buck to disk under the oats, wheat and rye, spread fertilizer and lime, and plant a new crop of seeds.

Our friend, Harold, has helped with that planting day for years. I would like to think he will be able to join us this year, too, but he may still be in recovery mode. Harold had surgery yesterday to remove a portion of a cancerous right kidney. Buck and I sat with he and Louise and several other of Harold's friends before his name was called.

At 9, I cut off the mower and hit the shower. I had a hair appointment at 10, and you better believe I didn't want to miss that.

I got lucky. My friend and hair stylist, Michelle Kuehmeier, was late, so a receptionist ushered me to "The Relaxation Room." This salon, LeSan, has all sorts of spa treatments, too, although so far I have not availed myself of any of them. The room was dimly lit, illuminated mostly by flickering light from an electric fireplace (no heat, only light). The heavy, soft leather furniture was squishy and comfortable. I fixed myself a mug of chai green tea, sat back in one of the leather chairs, and became aware of quiet music playing. It sounded like a spiritual waterfall.

When Michelle came in about 15 minutes later and began apologizing for being late, I said, "Are you kidding? I would pay to come in here several times a week and just sit. This is wonderful."

Late this afternoon, I finished mowing the back yard, while Buck worked with Harvey and Mike to spread hot mix asphalt millings on places in our road between gate and house where heavy rains have rutted it and made holes.

That's Buck with his sun hat on. He and Mike are building a berm to channel water off the road and into the woods. Looks like it will make a pretty good speed bump, too.


10 thoughts on “Maintenance

  1. hehehe…my living room turns into a private Relaxation Room every two weeks…massage time! With the sound of the waves as BGM, I find myself floating in that special place right between sleep and awake.
    Your day sounds quite fulfilling…nice.
    And I hope all goes well with Harold…my thoughts are with him and his family.


  2. The Relaxation Room…how could you not just love it. Perhaps I’ll rename my home office; the power of suggestion is potent.
    I enjoyed sharing the events of your day and Buck’s.


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