Logan Figures It Out

(a daily reading exercise from Southeast Writers Regimen)

The assignment: It is impossible to know someone’s intentions or what they are thinking. We often discover an important truth about someone long after we should have. Think about a time when you learned something new about someone that changed your entire perspective of them — perhaps you caught them in a lie, or perhaps they simply withheld vitally important information from you. Write a scene featuring a character catching someone as you did. How does your character feel about this dishonest character now? How does their perception of the person change?


The only mystery is why it took Logan 25 years to figure it out. I never liked her, didn’t consider her true family, and would cut her throat with a dull knife soon as look at her. Not only that. Logan’s a big fool for wasting all that time and money trying to win me over. Ha! As if.She thought she could win me over by being nice to me all these years. I thought it was funny how she would fix up the house for holidays, cook for two days and invite us over. I always made sure we arrive plenty late. She never once called me on the carpet for it. What a weakling!


She claims to be a Christian, but that’s a laugh. She goes down to that snobby Whiskypalian church a couple times a year and acts like she’s a real Christian like me.

What pisses me off the most is that she’s not that much older than my husband. He pisses me off, too, the idiot. Won’t take care of himself. It would be just like Logan to outlive him and the old man, too. Then she’ll show her true colors. All that stuff about her leaving her estate to my children and my husband’s sister’s kids is a laugh. She’s just saying that now. No way anybody’s that nice.

Funny, though, I do wonder what finally made her realize that no matter what she did I would never accept her, and neither would my kids. I saw to that, and ran her down every chance I got when my kids were babies. I didn’t want my girls to contaminated by that sinner. Now they don’t want to have anything to do with either one of them. Grandmother? That’s a joke. Thought she could win them over with Easter baskets every year. But my husband’s a man and a dope, so she’s fine in his book. Anyway, Logan and the old man broke it to my husband after Christmas this year that they think none of us (especially me) wants to come over for family visits. HELLO? Was I finally bitchy enough to get through to the “nicest two people in the world” as some have been conned into thinking? So, they have stopped inviting us over.

I’m glad. I don’t have to pretend anymore. I won. Yep. I won.

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