The Open Gate

Open Gate
 All we have to do is walk through the open gate into the sunrise.

Buck and I received word today that a dear friend died. Kathryne (Missy) was a friend to Buck since he was a youngster in college. Her son and Buck went to the University of Florida together; he, Buck, his wife and I are close friends, too. Kathryne's longevity was a gift to us all. To me, she also represents a paragon of southern gentility, a true "steel magnolia." I know that Buck prized Kathryne's friendship for many reasons, not the least of which was her unfailing kindness and her wise eyes.

Another treasured friend wrote me today to tell me that her long-ill father, Nicholas, had died. She asked me to "send good thoughts for his energy to find its new dance" and that I "light a candle, turn up some good music or take a deep breath of Autumn air and send Nicholas on his mighty way." Marvelous words.

I walked to the gate in the cool fall air early this morning. Goldenrod is blooming, along with tiny wild lavender asters and gayfeathers.  Morning glory necklaces adorn the trees and fence rows.

Tonight I walked outside and looked up at the night sky, Celtic music piped through an ear bud straight to my cerebral cortex. I noticed for the first time that stars really do dance. Like small children, all that energy just has to go somewhere. I took a deep breath of cool air, and came back inside to post these words and photos.

I hear Buck drawing the bedroom drapes. He and Maggie are now walking by to go to Maggie's "cookie" jar for her nighttime treat. I am going to lie down, turn out the light, and remember that lovely visit on the South Carolina coast a few years ago with Missy and our family of friends.

September Morning Glory

A five-pointed star embossed on delicate petals; the exquisite geometry of Nature.

9 thoughts on “The Open Gate

  1. Yes the stars do indeed dance and Morning Glories are one of Earths many echos of their dance and song:0)
    A clear night of stars here last night followed by a glorious sunrise and clear blue sky – of course the cloud and rain have made an appearence since but quite a send off I feel.
    Thank you.


  2. It’s a time for comforting and being comforted for me, too, and so I love reading about breathing deep and sending a person on his mighty way. We are each magnificent creatures–there is good reason to celebrate the life well-lived, like Missy’s, and to recognize the space left when the life moves on.


  3. Hello dear Elizabeth,
    That is such a beautiful and touching post. Yes the stars really do dance. Especially lately it seems. I’ve seen them too. If you could tell me where you were walking on the Carolina Coast, I will go as a tribute to Missy and walk and feel her magic and yours too. My footprints can become yours. I shall take a Morning Glory with me and gentle toss it into the sea.


  4. Thank you for posting this, Beth. Those are the finest words I’ve ever read for dealing with loss. It’s hard to lose a loved one, even when it’s long-expected. Loss is loss. But conversion, release, graduation, those understandings carry a message of hope.


  5. Perfectly phrased, Beth. Clear indication that, whatever metaphysics are in play at and beyond the point of departure, we retain spirit in the beauty and grace of our family’s and friends’ eulogies.


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