Like Bees to Balm

If the forecasters are right, temperatures in the Pensacola area tonight will slide below 50 degrees.  I walked outside and the patio concrete was dry and cold to my bare feet.  Buck, Maggie and I took a two-hour woods walk that began in late morning and stretched so long we almost missed the afternoon flick we had planned to go see. Who could resist the brilliant sky, the fragrant woods? 

Just when I think I have seen every variation of every wildflower that grows at Longleaf, I get surprised. I think these are some type of balm, in the mint family. And I think the insect that was feeding is some type of bee, but am not sure.

Kathleen? Deb? Mickey? Dave?  Sandy? Any ideas?

Bee in flight
Mint family maybe


3 thoughts on “Like Bees to Balm

  1. I can’t help you but the top photo is amazing. I absolutely love it. A bee caught in flight is awesome. Actually both photos are wonderful. Mr. Bee hasn’t quite alit in that one either.


  2. Love the color, and I too think the bee in flight is amazing. Happy cooling of the season to you. As I become a bit hot-flashy lately, I’m not so upset to loose the warmer days. :o)


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