Thanks to Bill Petty, the mushroom guy micologist, naturalist and Master Gardener, for identifying the flying insect visiting the wild foxglove that I thought looked like a tiny bee of some sort. Here's what Bill said in a comment on my Facebook page. . .

"I agree with Dr. Parker's identification. Those are beautiful pix! I especially like that you caught the hover fly in mid-visit."

I learned that Hoverfly is a mostly unknown alternative rock band, a public relations company in Washington, D.C. and (ta da) an insect also known as a flower flly or a syrphid fly. Adults feed on nectar and pollen, while their little maggots are a gardener's friend, since they prey upon aphids and thrips. Read more here.


4 thoughts on “Hoverfly

  1. Yes, Deb, thanks. It came from a post in 2009 called Fire Lines. Here’s the link to the full post: http://www.switchedatbirth.us/2009/07/fire-lines.html
    I am still re-publishing posts that I had put back into draft status earlier this year when I was fooling around in other venues. Now, I’m re-publishing everything, adding in stuff from other blog experiments in other places, and trying to standardize the look and categories.


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