The Chilean Mine Rescue Is Happening Now

The face of a handsome young Chilean miner is posted on the right side of our television screen, while on the other side of the split screen a paramedic is getting situated in the rescue capsule which is just about to be lowered a half-mile into the mine shaft in Copiapo, Chile where 33 miners have been trapped for 68 days.

The young paramedic, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, is now in the mine. He looks like a god. The men are hugging him and listening as he explains what will happen next. Families are gathered around on the surface, watching the video and listening to the interchange between the medic and their family members.

I started to post photos of our most recent visit to Joe Patti's Seafood, including the interesting mess of boats and birds behind the store, sitting here in bed with a laptop computer, Maggie on one of her beds on the floor beside me, Buck on my right side, propped up on a pile of pillows and reading a book. The television was on with the sound muted. The images of this phenomenal story are mesmerizing. I turned on the sound to listen. Fish photos will just have to wait.

There are still 20-30 hours to go for this astounding rescue, assuming all goes well. The capsule is thin, with only about two inches tolerance. Falling rock or instability in the shaft are dangers.

These are unforgettable images. Watch if you can.

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