Chi! Chi! Chi! Le! Le!Le! Chile! Chile!

I stood, empty soup bowl in hand, one foot cocked to my knee like a flamingo, and watched and listened to Luis Urzua, the miner's shift boss and the last miner out. I listened to and observed Chile's remarkable President, Sebastian Pinera.

And now, as the live feed from Chile continues on my computer screen, I watch from the interior of the ruined cave as the rescue workers return to the surface in slow single file, and watch as throngs of Chileans jump in the cold night air, wave flags, hold their cell phones aloft, laugh, cry, sing and hug. I have read many stories, listened to individual accounts and watched a lot of video.

I wish I was there, in the desert and in the street, with la buena gente de Chile. Estoy allí con usted en mi corazón. Chile es un país magnífico. Enhorabuena a cada uno.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Le! Le!Le! Chile! Chile!

p.s. It was also heartening to see the technological contributions from the innovations of United States companies such as Schramm in West Chester, Pennsylvania , whose drill rig bored the rescue hole, and also NASA.


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