Playing Tourist at Joe Patti’s Seafood

It was Buck's idea.

We parked our car in Joe Patti's Seafood parking lot Sunday afternoon with the idea of buying some shrimp for one night and a chunk of fish for the next. Before we got to the door, Buck took a sharp left down a dock that traverses the side of Patti's building. "Come on, let's take a look!"

The sidewalk/dock we took is just on the other side of the "Captain Joe" and leads to the back of the building.

There is a busy world there! Working boats, bird-covered docks, and a few other toursts (like me) taking pictures of it all.

You can see that the birds have pretty well claimed this dock for their own.

It was heartening to see so many healthy pelicans.

When Buck said, "Throw on some shorts and a cap. Let's go to Joe Patti's," I wasn't expecting to become part of a picture post card of our day.

Turn-about's fair play.

A young couple way down at the tip end of a long dock clung to each other and kissed in the sunlight. No camera on that image, but it brightened my heart.

I've been going through the front door for years, unaware of this rich stew of life right out the back door.The breeze, salt air, old boats and natural aviary felt like an older world; felt good.

2 thoughts on “Playing Tourist at Joe Patti’s Seafood

  1. I’ve been there! I lived in Pcola for two years (I’m sure I keep repeating myself on that lol) but we always went to Joe Patti’s, what an awesome place! I love the number system and the security guards too lol. I am so glad it has survived. Their seafood is the best and I loved the gift shop too. It was added during the time we lived there.
    Wonderful pics!


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