Images to Shoo the Mulligrubs

I guess Buck could see the vertical line between my eyebrows, the hunched shoulders, my fist in the hollow of my cheek as I leaned over a  half-full yellow legal pad, and know the hurdy-gurdy sentences in my head had congealed and congested like bad fried food and I was developing a full-blown case of the mulligrubs.

Danger. Warning. Danger. Warning.

Undaunted, he bearded the lioness in her den. "Come on, TwitchyB. Let's go to the woods."

He saw me make a face, like, "If I get interupted one more time. . ."

He called my bluff with a "come on" upturn of his chin and left my study to get his cap and a jacket.

I huffed and puffed and muttered under my breath, looked at the mess on my desk, looked at my watch, and went to the bedroom for a sweatshirt and my shoes.

There are two forces in the universe that can move even the most stubborn and hard-headed: being completely known and adored by the person one loves most in the world; and the spirit medicine of a walk in beautiful, familiar woods.

We will have our first frost of the season tonight, and, as you can see, even in Florida there is color in the woods. The temperature was about 55 this afternoon, with bright sunshine and a light wind. There was a doe grazing on the oats, wheat and rye out in the clearing. We walked down the road across from the clearing, with Maggie. The doe raised her head and looked at us, but she never shied off, nor did Maggie seem to be interested in giving chase.

The elixir of a hand-holding walk and the woods (which always have a message for me) smoothed my bunched and knotted muscles, cleared my vision, and granted another portion of peace.

We have finished supper, and I am playing at my desk like a happy child: an Italian Roast coffee-drinking, dark chocolate-eating child.

10 thoughts on “Images to Shoo the Mulligrubs

  1. Warning, warning Will Robinson!
    Good job by Buck to take you to the woods there. Sometimes you just have to take a breath, and look forward to looking ahead…..


  2. I love this post. I’m so glad you left your writing for a much needed walk in the woods. Sometimes it’s the things we resist doing that end up giving us the most pleasure, as you well know.
    I can’t write for more than a couple of hours without getting up an doing something completely different.


  3. Were those persimmon leaves? We had our first frost this weekend, which means it’s time for persimmon pudding. When do persimmons finally get so you can eat them in Fla.?


  4. Yikes! Frost! We stayed in Tally this past weekend instead of driving back to Santa Rosa County so there may be some damage to the tender things in the garden. I’ve never heard of “mulligrubs” before, but I recognize the symptoms. Sure do like that treatment too, walking and especially the dark chocolate:)


  5. Oh, I very much liked this post, Beth. This passage: “as I leaned over a half-full yellow legal pad, and know the hurdy-gurdy sentences in my head had congealed and congested like bad fried food and I was developing a full-blown case of the mulligrubs” is a marvelous description, and I’ve been feeling it, too. And, though I have no idea what mulligrubs are, I think I can figure it out. It’s been raining here, and raw, so not great for getting out for a walk. I’m glad you were able to get out for one, and glad you were able to get back to your desk and to your writing.


  6. ah… I was certain I’d commented here . left my gratitude in the space you send out your thoughts in such a gorgeous way. sometimes there is nothing to add but a thank you… and I never want you to not know that , feel that. live that.


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