Monday Mystery Bloom and Carol’s Apple Pie

 Last month, our parish supper club met for dinner at Ivy and Bob's home. We had not yet lost Daylight Savings Time, and so it was still light when we arrived. Through the breakfast room bay window, I saw a flower bed full of the prettiest flowers. "What are those, Ivy?" I said.

"I don't know," she said. "They began to appear sometime after Hurricane Ivan hit Pensacola in '04. I've taken cuttings to several nurseries, but so far nobody has been able to tell me what they are."



It has fuzzy seed pods. Ivy says she just snaps them off and scatters them over open ground in her flower bed, where they grow the next season.

Do you know the name of this lovely wayfarer?




Ivy always sets a dazzling table, and her indoor flower arrangement set the tone for a fun evening.

Our Rector's wife, Carol, made this fabulous apple pie. I am hard pressed to think of anything more delicious than a warm home made apple pie, especially with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Our parish supper club group will be joining Buck and me in the woods this Saturday night. I've been thinking this morning about how much I am looking forward to seeing them all: Gail and John, Jane and James, and Ivy and Bob.

2 thoughts on “Monday Mystery Bloom and Carol’s Apple Pie

  1. You have a lovely group of friends to socialize with, that’s awesome. I imagine Saturday’s gathering will be an occasion to remember for you and your guests.


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