Did I Listen to All the Audiobooks I Downloaded? Did You?

I don't drive very much, and so the appealing aspect of listening to audiobooks while driving doesn't apply. Some couples I know enjoy listening to books together when they are commuting or on a road trip. My husband's hearing impairment makes unintelligible static out of either music or most spoken words (especially if accompanied by any sort of music), and so we converse rather than listen. Not exactly a second-tier alternative! Buck's hearing issue has no doubt caused me to speak more clearly and be a more active and engaged listener than I might otherwise have been.

Nonetheless, I joined Audible.com earlier this year, and have enjoyed listening to books and story collections on my computer, I-Pod and Droid cell phone.

Here's a link to the ones I have downloaded this year: Beth's 2010 Audible.com download list. I was surprised to see 49 entries. . .

Time for a hot bath and supper. More on the items on this list later.


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