Read-Before-Recyle List, Number 9-12

9. Doyle, Roddy (2010, May 24)  Ash  The New Yorker (Fiction)  Note:  not my sort of story. Sounds snarky, but I don’t mean it to be. Just not my sort of story.

10. Orlean, Susan (2010, February 15 & 22) Riding High The New Yorker (Creative Nonfiction) Note: I enjoyed Orlean’s book, The Orchid Thief, and I liked this story about the history and use of mules in the military. Judging by my reaction to this piece and the fictional story by Roddy Doyle, it’s clear that I like narrative and I like creative nonfiction. I guess I’ll learn more about my own evolving taste in the written word as I go along with these “lightning-round,” untrained, strictly personal reactions.

11. Barry, Kevin (2010, February 1) Fjord of Killary The New Yorker (Fiction) Note: Ostensibly a mid-life crisis story of a poet who buys an Irish inn because he is “such a romantic” and has writer’s block, but some things don’t add up, such as why the “too much young flesh” in the city had become “a jag” on his nerves. What was he really running from?

12. Shepard, Sam (2009, November 23) Indianapolis (Highway 74) The New Yorker (Fiction) Note: This story is a beaut. I love it. I feel like I have been in that Holiday Inn lobby. His first sentence? “I’ve been crisscrossing the country again, without much reason.”  I’ve found another author whose work I want to read.


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