I’m so glad you found me over here at WordPress.  I’m just settling in, and there are still a lot of links to connect and several pages to add. Then I’ll give the new site a test drive, flush the pipes and correct my typos.

Whiskey River introduced me to Stephen Dunn’s poetry a while back. Here’s a nifty fragment from the beginning of his poem, Loves. Kind of sums up how I feel this evening, with dark coming on, Buck headed in from the woods soon, a wee dram from the bar, bacon and eggs for supper, and these comfy new Blogtown quarters.

“I love the past, which doesn’t exist

until I summon it, or make it up,

and I love how you believe

and certify me by your belief,

whoever you are, a fiction too,

held together by what? Personality?

Voice? I love abstractions, I love

to give them a nouny place to live,

a firm seat in the balcony

of ideas, while music plays.

I love them more than hard evidence

and shapely stones, more than money,

which can buy time, but not enough.

I love love, for example,

its diminishments and renewals,

I love being the stupidest happy kid

on the block. . . .”

Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon and let me know what you’re up to these days.


12 thoughts on “Welcome

    1. Thanks, Leslee. I had to think long and hard, too, but a number of factors finally pushed me over the edge to make the move. I am maintaining the Typepad account until I’ve been able to upload all the photos, so they won’t disappear. Feels like a genealogy project. . .


  1. Hi, Beth, in your new e-home! I’ve been pondering a migration to WordPress. Typepad have sold out to commerce and are trying to pretend that they are still the cutting edge blogging iconoclasts. Not so. Any tips?


    1. Hi Dick. I’ve been with Typepad a long time (you too), and they have been good to me. But it seems that lately they are constantly trying to get me to “share” and “follow” and have a “conversation” with total strangers who are into things that are of no interest to me. It’s gotten kind of bright and loud. Anyway, I like it here. It’s quieter and all the lights have dimmer switches. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Beth, I presume you are redirecting switchedatbirth.us here. Once the switch is complete, people subscribed to the old feed will get anything you post here, inshallah. At least, that’s how it worked when we moved qarrtsiluni from typepad to wordpress.com three years ago.


    1. Deanna — since you’re blog is on WordPress, you, too, can have the magic of a light snowfall. Just go to the “appearance” section on your Dashboard, click extras and order up some snow!


  3. I think of home as a comfortable nest, a retreat, a place to read and think and dream. Your new bloghome looks like that to me. And sounds like it too with the simplification. Everyone under one roof like an extended family. Congratulations.


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