Tuna to the Max

One more food picture recap from the week.  Early in the week, Buck and I ate roast chicken and then beef stew. After that, we were ready for seafood. I went to Joe Patti’s on Thursday and bought shrimp, cocktail crab claws, beautiful yellow fin tuna steaks and 10 sea scallops.

The tuna was a little embarrassing. Buck came by where it was bathing in an olive oil and cracked pepper marinade and did a double take. It looked like enough food for a small army.  Not only were the steaks way too much for the two of us, but Joe Patti’s had thrown in a chunk of lagniappe, what they called “white tuna,” but is in fact escolar. It’s the small oval piece you see on the grill.

Well, I went ahead and cooked it all. Worked out fine, too, because tomorrow evening we’ll have a modified salade niçoise, with the tuna, boiled egg, scallions, Harold’s potatoes, and a few bites of Feta cheese, all on a bed of salad greens.

There probably won’t be any more food photos until Christmas Eve, because I’ll be getting ready for our Italian-style feast and will be eating Chinese take-out or some other ready-made until Friday.

Our menu?  Grilled vegetable antipasto with herbed Chevre and crostini, meatballs with parsley and parmesan, marinara sauce, garlic bread, Frank’s Caesar salad, and Louise’s (Harold’s wife) chocolate platter extravaganza, along with lots of dry red for the adults and fancy coffee for everybody.

We’ll pore over the mountain of New Yorker cartoons I’ve been cutting out and saving all year, and have a blast. We’re looking for a group of 12 with ages ranging from 12 to 73, and not a shy one in the bunch. The house will be rockin’.

5 thoughts on “Tuna to the Max

  1. I’m off dairy products and processed meats – a voluntary diet since the big op – so this combination of cooked and cold looks perfect. Thanks for this, Beth. The printer’s going as I type!


  2. Joe Patti’s Is one of my fasvorite places I have ever found. I have friends in Josephine, Al. and when ever er visit we make a run to Joe’s for our feasting pleasures and salad nicoise thr next day…… YUM


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