My hair is growing really fast and I’m not even taking vitamins anymore.  Kind of strange, since the hair on my legs and under my arms virtually stopped growing since the 2006  (or was it 2007?) hysterectomy. There are other good things that happened (or didn’t) as a result of that surgery, but no more lush hair on legs and underarms was certainly an unexpected bonus.

The last time I had hair that touched my shoulders was when I was at the University of Florida as a freshman in 1969, (which was an historically awesome time to be in college). It was parted in the middle. Hip huggers,  leather mini-skirts and fringed vests were huge. One time, in an homage to Gloria Steinem, I bleached out two strips of hair on either side of my face. They curved under my chin, creating a creepy Addams family look. It looked so ridiculous I finally took a pair of scissors and cut the bleached sections out. That looked pretty bad, too. . .

Back then, I loved the swing and sexiness of that long hair. Oh, I like that now, too, but you what’s best? When I walk the woods in cold weather, it covers my ears and keeps them warm!

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