Two words (and two more) (and then one)

thumb arthritis

both hands



3 thoughts on “Two words (and two more) (and then one)

    1. People who live with pain everyday and yet live public lives, work, travel, appear on tv, they floor me. I struggle against assuming the mental equivalent of a fetal position at something barely more than a hangnail. I think this clear progression of arthritis is disheartening because strong hands have always been a point of pride with me. Pride. That word. I am definitely a hard-headed, prideful woman.

      Toe arthritis — is that on a big toe? Does it hurt intermittently or when you wear shoes? I learned a few years ago that I am susceptible to the “King’s Disease.” — gout! And that a fine evening of red wine and beef pave the way for a sore big toe joint the next morning.

      And here I used to laugh at my old aunts when they would sit around the back yard on Sunday afternoons and discuss their ailments! 🙂


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