City of Free Hugs


This is a random view of New York City quickly snapped as we were ascending from La Guardia yesterday en route to an unexpectedly long layover at the Atlanta airport.

The Delta flight left La Guardia late. Despite doing a pretty descent imitation of Olympic sprinters, we made it to the Pensacola flight’s gate about 30 seconds after they closed the door (prematurely in our opinion since it was still ten minutes before flight time). So we had the crown-biting pleasure of watching out the window while the plane they wouldn’t let us on — for which we had boarding passes and were only late their their other flight was late — sat on the tarmac for another 15 minutes.

Ah, the delights of air travel.

I called Rhonda at the Lucky Dog Boutique and Spa to tell her the sad news that we wouldn’t be getting back to Pensacola until several hours after they closed, and so Maggie would have to stay with them one more night.

“Is Maggie okay?” I asked in a guilt-ridden-for-having-left-her-at-all voice.

“Maggie?” Rhonda answered in an are-you-kidding voice. “Maggie’s fine. In fact, she just came back inside from a play session with Jasper. He’s younger than Maggie, and a chocolate Lab, too. They’ve gotten to be good friends.”

Who knew Maggie was a cougar in dog’s clothing? Messing with that young stud. Sly old girl. I was impressed.

Buck and I picked Maggie up this morning and cha-ching, everything clicked into perfect balance in my world.

We spent the rest of the day loving up on Maggie, the M-Girl, Li’l Brown Sugar, plus unpacking, swimming, uploading all the photos we both took in to the Cloud for safekeeping.

Posts coming in the next few days about our Times Square experience (think “The Naked Cowboy:), walking through China Town several times, how I no longer deserve to ever write about food again, our visit to Battery Park, Wall Street, the Municipal Archives, and more.

The trip was a sensory extravaganza, even without attending a single show. The city is the show.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, New York is also the City of Free Hugs.



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