Menus for a Tropical Storm

Even if we lose power, which I doubt, we have a generator the size of a small truck which keeps the important things, like the bar ice maker, the air-conditioning, the refrigerator/freezer and the pool pump running.  The cook-top is gas, so we’re good to go in a power outage.  We’re too far in the boonies to be on the public gas line, but we have a 620 gallon propane tank buried out in the back yard. It feeds gas to the kitchen cook-top, a swimming pool heater and a couple of fireplaces. In this sweltering weather, we’re not bloody likely to need a whole lot of propane.

Looking over what I bought, it looks more like cold weather food, certainly not the summer staples of shellfish and grilled fish that I usually gravitate toward. Here’s what we’re going to eat this week:

1. Slow Cooked Italian Pot Roast (done in a Dutch oven with at least 16 garlic cloves — more if my fingers don’t give out with peeling them), red wine and fresh basil. Accompaniments include oven-roasted carrots, garlic mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.  This dinner is for a birthday celebration for a 13-year old granddaughter and the bunch of kids coming likes green beans, but the only ones I saw in the store were sad-looking mushy bundles covered in age spots. Yech. The pot roast is a house favorite. I am hoping for some leftovers.

2. Smoked pork chops, collard greens (cooked with a smoked turkey leg), squash casserole, turnip roots, corn bread and sliced tomatoes.

3.  Salmon patties, butter and egg corn on the cob, sliced tomatoes, plus leftover squash casserole if there is any.

4. Basic spaghetti sauce (Publix had a BOGO on Newman’s pasta sauces, so I got one of Tomato and Basil and one of Sockarooni). I’ll brown a small package of ground sirloin to mix in with the sauce and add some snipped herbs. We’ll eat it with a big salad of Spring greens, feta cheese, scallions, Kalamata olives, Pepperoccini peppers and tomato chunks tossed with olive oil, red wine vinegar and oregano.

5.  Lunch stuff — I restocked the pantry with black and garbanzo beans, small cans of white shoe-peg corn and Edamame beans for the fridge. Mixed together with some red onion and herbs, they make a great have-on-hand lunch. Also, there’s a few more Cuban sandwiches to enjoy.

That’ll get us over the hump ’til the flood waters recede, the rainbow comes out, and we can make it into town for some fresh shrimp and crab claws.

Now that I know we’re not going to starve, maybe I can whittle away a few chapters of Another Shoe to Drop.

2 thoughts on “Menus for a Tropical Storm

  1. All of this sounds good. Garbanzo beans are a big staple for my cabinet. I make containers of hummus at a time. All kinds. I like roasted garlic with lots of tahini sauce, dil likes red pepper hummus, and others have their favorite. Eaten with Trader Joe veggie chips – good!


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