Salmon Patty Supper

A supper of salmon patties is one of those plebeian meals that is always better than I think it will be. A can of red salmon is a terrific pantry staple. I didn’t want to go on with a lot of cooking tonight, but since I had bought those two pretty ears of bi-color corn and a nice tomato, fixing a can’s worth of salmon patties seemed like a small effort.

Ooh, that corn is pretty. I cooked it in a fancy asparagus-cooking pot that once belonged to my husband’s late wife. The crystal and silver carafe belonged to my late mother-in-law’s second late husband’s late wife. Got all that? Yep, I’m a museum curator, or so it would seem.

I slid into old pink Crocs by the door and ran out into the rain just so I could snip a couple of rosemary bush tips to add a little class to this photo. The yellow blob in the middle of the salmon patty is a smidge of garlic butter. Yummified the plate, that’s for sure.

The salmon patties are easy to make (and leftovers make a nifty sandwich). Drain a can of red salmon and flake it into a bowl. Add half a small onion, cut fine, plus one beaten egg, a couple of tablespoons of mayonnaise, about 10 pulverized Saltine crackers, a few shakes of Old Bay seasoning and a squirt of Worcestershire. Mix it with a fork, then make six balls, slightly flatten, lay them out on a plate and chill for a half hour or so, then brown in a non-stick or cast iron skillet. That’s it.

Oh, yeah. It’s still raining.

3 thoughts on “Salmon Patty Supper

  1. Wow! rain, and so hot here in the desert. Wish we had some fresh corn. I made a macaroni salad, and some crab ragoons today. Keeping it light. Your salmon patties sound good too.


  2. Next time you make salmon patties, try this: instead of saltine crackers, use oat bran. Instead of baking in a dry pan, saute in a bit of real butter. Also, a teaspoon of Thai sweet red sauce will eliminate that sulphury smell and taste that comes with canned salmon. We,ve been adding it to the jars when we can salmon.


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