Squash Casserole and Greens

When Tropical Storm Lee blew out of here, it took a lot of hot air with it, and left us with the feel of an early, classic Gulf coast autumn. My appetite suddenly turned to Hopkins Boarding House squash casserole, collard greens, turnip roots and a wedge of stone ground cornbread.

I cooked the greens with a small piece of smoked turkey leg and a generous shake of dried cut red peppers. The shaker top was inexplicably missing on the red pepper jar, and so that “generous shake” was more like a free pour. No hot pepper sauce needed. They were great!

One thought on “Squash Casserole and Greens

  1. I had forgotten about using pepper sauce on greens. They don’t do it here. I remember mother carefully preparing greens, serving them so beautifully, and daddy taking his knife and cuttting them all to pieces, and then pouring a very large amount of pepper sauce on them. They were so good though.


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