Hungry Writer Grilled Chicken

A new Southeast Review writing regimen starts October 1. Hard work, and the best 15 bucks you’ll ever spend.  I mean, it’s tough. Demanding. I have never fully taken advantage of all it has to offer, but I always sign up, I always do something worth keeping (at least as a seed tree), and I always save all the old regimens. They are sent to you every day via email for 30 days. Highly, highly recommended.

I figure I need to feed my brain some good lean protein to prep for the upcoming SER regimen. Tonight fit the bill: grilled boneless chicken breast (marinated in Italian dressing and ground herbs), plus roasted asparagus, yellow squash and the ubiquitous slow-roasted tomatoes.  Half a glass of dry red: as much as I needed and almost as much as I wanted.  Will top dinner off with a couple of bites of dark chocolate. Life is good.

Thanks for stopping by. What are you writing about today?

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