How I Finally Ransomed Myself Out of Typepad

There are two things going on here: (1) I’ve wanted to be at WordPress for a long time, but it was complicated. When I exported Switched At Birth from Typepad to WordPress, all was well as long as I didn’t cancel my (paid) Typepad account. If I did, all the photos would disappear on the WordPress clone; (2) I’ve felt for awhile that the Switched At Birth moniker had run its course, that what I do blog-wise is simply memoir on-the-fly. I like the sound of that; it’s not some huge tapestry. It’s just memoir. On-the-fly. Whenever I feel like. Not when I don’t.

So here’s what I (finally) did: I uploaded all 8 years of blog posts from Switched At Birth to , then downloaded the PDFs they helped me create, organized year by year into Daybooks, printed them all out, and put them into pretty soft yellow binders.

Then I cancelled my Typepad account, which is an irrevocable move.  Ta. Da.

4 thoughts on “How I Finally Ransomed Myself Out of Typepad

    1. Hi Charlotte — great to hear from you! You know how our blogs are — kind of like our children. It can get emotional. But once I realized I could have PDFs both in print and saved on a separate, portable hard drive, the decision got easier. My husband was amazed when he saw this row of humongous ring binders (the kind where you can have an 8×10 photo in a transparent sleeve on the front and back) appear on a counter top. I told him, “Hey, now if anything happens to me, you can read about all the neat stuff we’ve done.” Ha! He likes the books, but wasn’t crazy about that particular image. . .


    1. I am so sorry, Beth. It’s a case of my own technological ignorance and unintended consequences. The accidental deluge should have stopped. Won’t happen again, and I sincerely apologize.

      Apparently anyone who was still subscribed to is suffering this same result. It happened because I changed the status of a lot of old posts from private back to public, and the result was the WordPress treated them (rightly so) as “new” posts and flooded mailboxes of subscribers. I had no idea; have now reverted them all back to private and will probably just go crawl under a rock!

      So, to anyone else, I am sorry.


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