Proof of Life

A Wormhole in the Space/Time Continuum.

Or maybe a coup du foudre.

I talked about writing fiction for several years. And I talked. And I talked. Not talking anymore. Buck and I have weaned ourselves from minute-by-minute hovering over the stock market before we became irreversibly psychotic, we walk in the woods and eat food to sustain physical strength, and we cook homemade food for Maggie because she has decided that is all she will eat. We talk to ourselves, even in the double shower. And to each other, of course. We use up legal pads, pens and printer ink at an alarming rate. For great stretches of time during the day and even after dinner at night it is like what I imagine a silent retreat might be. Not silent in my ear, because I usually have music channels (thank you Pandora) coming in via stereo ear buds.

Focus was my “word” for the year this past January. It took most of the year to achieve it. Feels like we have moved our trains onto an entirely new track.  The word for 2012 may be “rebirth,” or “joy,” or maybe it will be a phrase, “stay in the river.”

Thanks for your notes (especially G, V and D-W).

Your über self-centered pal,


3 thoughts on “Proof of Life

  1. So good to hear from you, and your life sounds delicious! I am happy to know that all is well in your household, and as we approach the end of 2011, I feel inspired to follow your example, spend time focusing inward, and write.
    Much love to you and Buck and Maggie!


  2. Self reliant maybe, even at huge push self absorbed but self centred is never the phrase that comes to mind when I think of you Buck and Maggie.

    Good to know Mistress Maggie is still ruling the roost, like her style, an elderly Dame dowager should insist on only the best silver and sea bass:0)

    Trust that winters growing dark offers you all space and time to dream sweet dreams of days to come and settle in for days of words which challenge, illuminate and engross…in this household they are words like ‘slow down’, carrot, how?

    The ‘slow down’ is to my self and to the toothsome twosome when they forget I am attached to their long leads, carrot well it helps eyesight doesn’t it:0), in fact it is favourite word for Rhys and Banon as they love raw carrots and I’ve had a love affair with this humble root veg for always, as to how, each of the lives in this household seems to explore this word many times in a day and probably through nights too.

    Hope your rivers are a little warmer than the ones in Wales, will you be swimming up stream towards shallower water or down to the sea to sail with the whales to other continents:0) Joy and rebirth are part of how I spellwater so staying in that river of yours will I am sure bring both.

    Love D-W, RnB and Flo


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