I’m Back. Sort of.

It’s a warm, foggy morning on Monday, December 5. These are the first words I’ve written in a blog format for a while.  I miss the parallel world of blog friends.  I miss the way even a tiny neighborhood in the blogosphere forces me to engage with the world. I think when I stopped blogging publicly a few months ago, I realized that big losses were coming, and God knows I didn’t want to — couldn’t — preside over them in an interactive blog with readers, not even one with good, kind-hearted and sensitive ones such as yourselves.

When you’re in grief, you don’t want to talk.

We lost our Maggie on November 22,  two days before Thanksgiving.

I still can’t write about it. Today is the first time I’ve put her name on the screen and been forced to confront this particular iteration of loss.

Enough for today.

4 thoughts on “I’m Back. Sort of.

  1. Oh, Beth, I am so sorry. I have tears running down my face. I’ve gone through this with a very special dog, and it hurts. I know words can’t do anything to assuage the grief, but please know that I’m sending much love and healing thoughts your way.


    1. Dear Beth — I remember your terrible time of loss well, and can’t fully express how much it means that you would reach out to me with your loving words. My heart to your heart, thank you.


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