A Simple Walk to the Gate

Mid-December here in the Florida panhandle  has been typical. Temps have ranged from right at freezing all the way into the mid-seventies. There has been some sunshine, but the predominate weather theme has been murky, with thick gray fog lingering past noon like the smoldering remains of a woods fire.

It’s a time when old trees slip the bonds of their worn-out bark, the lithe new being inside escaping through the fog into some sunlit place in the slipstream of time.

A time when leaves, a magnolia seed pod and a stick become art to my hungry eye, arranged as if only for my solitary pleasure.

The blanket of emerald moss evokes the roof of a crofter’s cottage in the Highlands. Oh, to be there, deep in heather, reclining by a blue loch.

But the bright holly says, “Stay. There are children about who might miss you on Christmas Eve.”

4 thoughts on “A Simple Walk to the Gate

  1. So this is where you’ve been hiding! I would think you were running if I didn’t know better. You’re just always on to bigger and better things. As always, your “place” is a sanctuary. Thank you for visiting my blog today — it was good to see your name!


    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. I am always fed with passion, intellect, literature, art and cupcakes when I visit your web site. I am in awe of your sheer energy, too.


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