Mushrooms in the Woods Today

The conditions must be just perfect for mushrooms in our woods today. They are the most flamboyant assortment I have ever seen around here. Judge for yourself!  I don’t know what any of them are, although I do think there is at least one chocolate polypore (thelephora terrestris) that Florida mycologist Bill Petty helped me to identify last year. I’ll be sending him a note with a link to this post in hopes he will put names to the faces.

. . . and to think: I almost left my camera at the house.

6 thoughts on “Mushrooms in the Woods Today

    1. I looked up that “something something something” book, and it looks like something I would enjoy. It’s “Mycophillia: Revelations from the Weird World of Mushrooms” by Eugenia Bone. Some of those in the photos might bring a person dreams and visions, others might kill a person dead as a doornail, and still others might make a delicious soup. As for me, I’ll keep my distance and admire them with a camera!


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