good intentions

Man, I had so many plans for what I was going to post here today. It was a cavalcade of “best of” blogs — my own personal favorites, from a fabulous armchair travel guide based in Moose Pass, Alaska, to a writer/writing teacher who writes wonderful columns loaded with both erudition and heart. And at least four others that I want to share with you so you can enjoy them in this gorgeous unspoiled new year, too. But my wild monkey mind has been jumping from tree to tree today, plus Buck and I were out in the woods for several hours (no more weak, pale woman), and I did not git ‘er done. Mañana!

I did make another (shh! don’t tell) new blog. It’s a daily photo blog thingee. The darn things are just so much fun to create and play with. It’s called The Daily Point and Shoot, and you can find it on the masthead.

Last year on January 1, I wrote a post about how my “word” for the year was focus.  This year, it’s play.  I think that one has a much better chance of working out for me.

Hope you all have had a good first day.

6 thoughts on “good intentions

  1. Sometime we really should talk about what one does with rusty old blogs. Love the new space here and the ability to follow via e-mail. My news feed is so bogged down with subscriptions I rarely even go there anymore. Think I’ll go over there and dust! Happy New Year, love The Daily Point and Shoot too. Enjoy.


    1. Great idea for a post, Susan. I seem to have readers on top of feeds nested into all sorts of dusty rusty old places. Have been doing some housekeeping and been aghast and thrilled by the trail of breadcrumbs. Glad you like the new spaces.


    1. Glad you like it, Verna. The wordpress them (AutoFocus) is a lot of fun. I play to gradually add some of my favorite older photos in, too, posted for they dates they were taken. The “category” feature is nifty, too.


    1. Thanks, Jim. I have that photo print of yours from the Austin, Texas market (all those gorgeous tomatoes) in a dining nook area where I see it every morning (at least). Love all the vibrant colors.


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